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Meet the Characters

Who are the kids?


The StinkyKids (a.k.a little stinKers) are seven precocious kids - Britt, Max, Billy, Hannah, Johnny, Joey and Jen - whose mistakes and mischief turn everyday activities into extraordinary adventures.  

By navigating life's everyday ups-and-downs, this diverse group of friends tries using teamwork to overcome any obstacle.  

Friendships are embraced and challenged as they joke, squabble, curiously investigate, sometimes scheme, fall down, and pick themselves up.


All along discovering that making mistakes (and figuring our how to correct them) is part of understanding how their world works.  


In addition to the original seven characters, there are three more friends who are featured in the stories: Skye, Trey and Julie.  


They make not be perfect, but they're perfect "little stinKers." 


Britt is a natural born leader who does what she loves and others are happy to join in her fun. A scientist at heart, Britt enjoys finding out answers to questions: Can bubble gum make a bigger bubble? How much drool does a dog drool?  Britt is very good at sports but also a true fashionista (in her eyes) who knows how to accessorize with her mixed matched dressing decisions.  

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