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Miso Soup - a myth of the cloudy soup

Hi.  It's me again..StinkyKid Britt.  And it is VERY cold outside.  The kind of cold that when you go outside to play, it feels like your eyeballs are frozen.  Now that would be funny!!

Did you know that January is National SOUP month.  I LOVE soup.  My favorite kind of soup is Miso Soup.  Do you know what Miso Soup is?  It is the kind of soup that they serve in a Japanese restaurant.  I go to the Japanese restaurant for my birthday each year, the kind of restaurant where you get to take off your shoes and they cook all of the food in front of you.  ( I think they call that a Hibachi grill.)

In honor of National Soup month, and because it is SO cold outside that I would enjoy a bowl of Miso Soup right now, I want to share a story with you that my friend StinkyKid Max wrote.

This is StinkyKid Max:

I put Max's photo to the left because Max is left handed.  How many of you are left handed?

Max is an INCREDIBLE story writer.  He particularly (very much) loves to write poems.

Max is creative and a great soccer player.  In fact, after school today Max is trying out for his school's soccer team.  It would be very nice if you wrote to StinkyKid Max and wished him luck during his try outs.  Thanks.

Anyway, let's get to Max's story in honor of National Soup Month.

Here it is:

Miso Soup - a myth of the cloudy soup: Many people respected the King of Japania.  The King respected the people too.  Every day the King went down to town to talk to his poor kingdom.  He tried to supply people with food, but the kingdom itself didn't have enough food to last ten people. One day, the King started to cry in his castle because his kingdom was starving.  As he was sobbing, he noticed that a bowl was sitting under his nose.  While staring at the bowl, he began to wonder why his country was so poor.  He then realized that his country was located off the coast of Cuba, no where to be seen.  Maybe this was one of the reasons his country was so poor.  the King kept crying more and more while thinking about his sad situation and discovered that the bowl was filling up with his tears. He trudged down the stairs, out into the village, and looked up, with the bowl of tears in his hands.  As he looked up, he saw thousands of clouds hovering over the kingdom.  Every second, the clouds lowered.  Before the King knew it, the clouds were so low, that they fogged up the bowl of tears. The bowl of tears was now looking more like a bowl of soup, a very peculiar bowl of soup in deed.  The King has an idea.  He rushed ion the castle's kitchen and scavenged for a spoon.  Once he found a spoon, he suddenly felt a feeling of hope.  Something he had not felt in a very long time. As he touched the spoon filled with soup to his mouth, his lips tingled as if firecrackers went off on his tongue the taste wan so incredible.  The King had found the cure to help his starving people in the kingdom.  He called for the entire country to come to the castle immediately so that he could announce his recipe and new found hope. Later that day, after everyone had tried the soup, happiness spread across the kingdom.  the people rushed to their houses to make the recipe that was not only good to the taste, but good for their souls. No one went hungry again in the Kingdom. Three days later, the King made up a name for this remarkable soup that saved his people.  He named it Miso Soup.  Miso in honor of his beloved English Bulldog that he loved more than anything int he world, whose name you can guess was Miso.

The End.

Isn't that a creative and imaginative story?  I am so impressed.  Share this story with your friends.  You can also illustrate (draw the pictures) to the story.  Drawing is a fun activity on a cold winter day.

Here is a link to the present day recipe for Miso Soup.


Try making it with your parents and little stinKer friends.  It will be a warm activity on a cold day.  

Do YOU have a soup story that you would like to share?  If so, write to me at www.stinkykids.com, I would be so happy to read it and share it with the StinkyKids.

Until next Wedensday, stay warm, drink soup and remember to share with your friends.  


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